Abuja Massacre: One Year After, Nigerians Call For Justice

Exactly a year ago, devastating violence broke out in Karu, a densely populated suburb of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, which left at least 16 people killed and scores wounded.

The violence started when Shiite protesters attempted to break a barricade of Nigerian soldiers around the flyover in Karu.

While some of the deceased were killed by panicking drivers trying to escape, most of them were hit by Nigerian soldiers’ bullets, which they reportedly rained on the protesters and passersby indiscriminately, witnesses said.

Nigerians have today taken to twitter to remember the deceased and further call for justice from concerned authorities.

See tweets below:
The truths vault this matter is let's even forget about the reason behind the protest. They are Nigerians and they should at least have their own rights. This type of things should be well attended to. But where is the government?

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Hong Kong shut down a major airport with protest not a single soul was shot.

Protester barricaded Boris Johnson's motorcade, no one was killed.

In Nigeria, once you raise a placard, you'll be gunned down like an animal.

Democracy in Nigeria is just an Irony.

Plato suggested that philosopher kings should rule a state, because the posses the ability of reason and wisdom.
Our leaders need to begin to reason and rethink on the actions they carry out.
The Massacre at abuja is a slap to our human rights.

You wear their Uniforms.. They beat you up like you stole!!

You protest they will shoot you up like a common criminal 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️!!

That money you’re saving to buy that big house or Expensive car kindly use it and flee because there’s no hope💤!

Kini problem Awon shites yi now
Everytime protest,Haba
Not to support anyone here o but You can't face Armed Forces and not expect them to retaliate
Making innocent people loose their lives over one man in custody

The killings are the latest example of a military that for years has been accused of human rights abuses, with rarely any punishment or action taken, despite  @MBuhari promises to crack down on military violations & restore security in the country.

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You have been declared a terrorist group and you still come out to protest. Zakzaky is there chopping life with his wife. You still choose to come out knowing the repercussions. Check am see now. Who's doing who here?

Its a shame that @hrw has not commented on the is it because we are Nigerians?? Why have you not called @MBuhari to order?? Why have you not invited Tukur Buratai who is in charge of the @HQNigerianArmy that attacked innocent protesters

Bad governance is like shit on a fan, give it time, it will touch everyone irrespective of our ethnic or political divide.

This repugnance of citizens by military is the daredevil we have to face in a lawless country.

We warned but you didn't listen.

Buhari is running off to London after ordering the Massacre of thousands of innocent protesters

If the doesn’t make you cringe nothing else will

If the military channels same energy to insecurity, Buratai won’t be demanding spiritual warfare

Buhari is a coward

Video footage and eyewitness testimonies consistently show that the Nigerian military dispersed peaceful gatherings by firing live ammunition without warning, in clear violation of Nigerian and international law,”

- Osai Ojigho, Director of @AmnestyNigeria

If you must "attack" the protesters;
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.
Use Rubber Bullets.

Nigerians are Human Beings, not animals.

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We must never forget extrajudicial killings of unarmed protesting Shiites in Abuja one year ago by the military.

Woke up to is so scary and I can't begin to imagine such a thing happened in my country.
See In the Nigeria today, going out in the morning and coming back safely is such an underrated blessing

Nobody is safe in that country called Nigeria

VIDEO: UK-based Nigerian doctor found in one of the 'Islamic rehabilitation centre' in the north reveals he was imprisoned for Two years over rumors that he converted from Islam to Christianity.

A video, as well as interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, clearly shows the @HQNigerianArmy opening fire on unarmed demonstrators, sometimes shooting indiscriminately into the crowd at close range as people turned and tried to flee. 

“The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices -- to be found in the minds of men.

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Inside we're bleeding, bleeding
From all the beating

Let them pay.
Let them pay for the things that they've done,
Let them suffer for infinity times infinity.

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