BBC Journalist Arrested

BBC Journalist Arrested

She was arrested with her kids
BBC Journalist Anne Soy arrested with her kids

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist Anne Soy has been arrested together with her kids.

In a series of tweets, Soy said they are currently being held at the Kenyatta International Convection Centre (KICC) Police station.

Ms Soy narrated that she had attended a Homes Expo at KICC with her kids and while on their way out, she questioned why the security officers were checking bags as they left. The officers then said that they were looking for stolen laptops.

The journalist then insisted that she paid to attend the expo and there is no way she would have stolen anything, but before she knew it she was arrested with the kids.

“Currently under arrest at the KICC POLICE STATION with my kids. Had attended the Homes Expo and asked why security officers were checking bags as we exited. Was told they check if we’ve stolen laptops. I said I’d paid to get in and hadn’t stolen anything and it’s escalated quickly. Still trying to understand why I’m under arrest with my kids,” she wrote.

Anne Soy is a senior Corresponded with the BBC based in Nairobi and also serves as the Deputy Editor for BBC Africa.

She also worked with KTN before joining BBC.

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