Biafra: Fulani Will Suffer Most If Nigeria Breaks – Ezeife

Former Governor of Anambra State and elder statesman, Emeka Ezeife , has stated that Fulani people will suffer most if Nigeria disintegrate.

Speaking to The Sun in an interview, Ezeife noted that Fulani can only stop the break-up of the country by restructuring.

Defending the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) , the elder statesman said the pro-Biafra group was complaining about many things done against the Igbo.

According to him, “Nobody applied to be a slave in Nigeria. Whether we applied or not, we don’t accept to be slave, you are superior in some ways and you become politically inferior to them, and what is the consequence? We are not making progress as a country.

“The people who are riding the horse are the people who can be hurt by the collapse of the horse; so let them come down from the horse so that there will be no calamity when the horse stumbles.”

He noted that the Fulani people are indirectly pushing for the break-up of Nigeria by refusing to implement the 2014 confab report.

According to him, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is pushing the Igbo people very hard out of Nigeria in everywhere.

“Look, the Igbo people had to go and beg for Enugu airport before money is released to give attention to the airport. That is humiliating.

“What are they begging for? Kano, did they beg, Kaduna, did they beg, who begged for their airport to be renovated? It is a matter of saying what we are doing for Igbo people when they are pushing us out of Nigeria,” Ezeife added.

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