Davido, Kayode Ogundamisi Fight Continues

Kayode Ogundamisi Replies Davido Who Insulted Him For Being Poor and Questioning Him

One of the biggest crime in Nigeria is poverty, you are literally a criminal the moment you do not have money, because poverty is so vile many people without money most of the time overlook moral decadency in favour of financial strength and money.

When Kayode Ogundamisi pointed out an obvious flaw that saw Davido sending his boys to arrest and handcuff private citizens who had bluffed him. He abused him based on his status and reminded him of how rich and "powerful" his family is and he should never speak of his family without due respect as he can never make such amount of money he is making his entire life! -

Here is what Kayode Ogundamisi has to say in response:


Okay, pele


We for just keep quiet nah, since the boy is half our age.

The comment was simply about your impunity, private citizen ordering the arrest and detention (in handcuffs) of 2 young girls in a civil case.

Not different from the infamous "Buhari Tyranny"

and some response to his reply:

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