‘I gave my boyfriend’s baby to my husband’- Angry housewife

I’m Linda Akintunde. I live in Ogun state. I got married to a rich businessman 14 years ago.

But sadly, we had no child for nine years. When I went for a test, I was told there’s nothing wrong with me. My husband never wanted to go for a test. But after much pressure, he opened up and told me that he had an infection on his manhood long ago and that a doctor had told him that he might never be able to impregnate a woman. At that time, my mother-in-law was threatening to throw me out of my husband’s house on account of my ‘barreness’. She never knew her son was the cause. And my husband could not tell her.

My husband begged me not to tell his mother. But as time passed, the threat to give birth or pack out became unbearable. And I told my husband that he has to find a solution quickly because I can’t continue to suffer in silence.

We weighed several options. I wanted us to adopt, but my husband said adopting a child would expose him as a man unable to impregnate his wife and his mother would know. Then I told him that we could buy a baby. But my husband was afraid of the risk involved in the illegal trading of babies.

Later, I was surprised when my husband said that it would be better for me to get a boyfriend to impregnate me and claim that it was my husband’s pregnancy.

The idea sounded good, but I reminded my husband that we would have to pay the young man for it. But my husband said he was going to arrange everything. My husband left Kaduna the following day and travelled to Ibadan to rent a flat for me. When my husband returned from Ibadan, he ordered me to relocate to the house he had just rented at Ibadan and that after the job was done, I should return to Kaduna.

So that was how I went to live in Ibadan for nine months pretending to be a spinster. I got a boyfriend from The Polytechnic and within three months of sleeping with him, I discovered I was pregnant.

Quietly, I packed my bags and left Ibadan back to Kaduna state without even telling the poor boy that I was pregnant for him. My husband was pleased.

The baby turned out to be a boy and my mother-in-law no longer troubles me.

I don’t regret not telling my boyfriend in Ibadan that I was pregnant for him, because if I had told him, he would have tried to blackmail me in order to extort money from me. Young men of these days like to blackmail married women, so I think I did the best thing in the circumstances. It would be impossible for him to trace me all the way from Ibadan to Kaduna, especially because he never even knew I got pregnant, not to mention giving birth.

Besides, what purpose would it have served if I had told the poor boy that is obviously not ready to have a child at the age of 24?

A married woman that needs a boy to impregnate her should never tell him when she gets pregnant. Instead, she should quietly return to her impotent husband.

After all, I’m now my husband’s next of kin since I’ve given him a male child. And when my husband dies, me and my child will inherit his wealth without stress from his family.
‘I gave my boyfriend’s baby to my husband’- Angry housewife ‘I gave my boyfriend’s baby to my husband’- Angry housewife Reviewed by JNJ GLOBAL GIST on October 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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