Mompha Alleged $5 Million Arrest: Nigerians React On Twitter

Recently, Dubai-based Nigerian Big Boy, Mompha was reportedly arrested by Interpol, after he landed in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to multiple reports, the Bureau De Change Boss is currently in EFCC Custody undergoing intense interrogations.

Multiple reports from Social media accounts are claiming his arrest may be connected to a $5 million fraud.

@TosinOlugbenga, says “Mompha escaped from Interpol arrest in Dubai and he flew to Nigeria secretly. He was tracked through his airline ticket and on Interpol request, he was arrested by EFCC on a $5m internet scam”.

See more reactions;

More reactions to his arrests:

@demithacreator: Even if you do Blood money, Ifa can’t afford the kind of money that Mompha has. It’s almost impossible to tell me there isn’t illegal shit involved. Probably laundering. All he had to do was stay lowkey but no.

@231_michel: Had Pablo remained in his biz & influenced the politics of the day, he will still be here. Had Frank Lucas refused his wife coat that night, the Feds wouldn’t have seen him. Mompha & others need to watch lots of organized crime movies. Stay low, off radar

@royzkingin: I’ve always said that there’s no way Mompha’s money isn’t dirty. Person wey dey flex on hushpuppi. Change cars like cloth. Always flaunting millions in cash. People wey dey use their mama do ritual sef no do reach like this.

@UchePOkoye: Lmao if you’re a Yahoo boy, just know your file is on the table of FBI. They’re just gathering information on how they will pick you up. They are currently going after big fishes. From Invictus to Mompha to S.P to y’all. No single person would be exempted. They have your records.

@MistaChika: Just when mompha thought he has escaped interpol, he ran into EFCC not knowing that interpol scare is a bait. By now, the bigwigs at EFCC have started sharing his properties amongst themselves even before they confiscate it. Be cautious, scam is never the way.

@HelenOzor_: I hear Interpol has arrested Instagram ‘big boy’ Mompha. This is another reason why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the gram. Another reason for you to enjoy your own pace, trust your own journey, work hard and make legit money.

@DirectorFlo: If you have been asking “God When” to Mompha’s standard of life and lifestyle please don’t hesitate to ask ‘God When” to his current condition and location. All equations must be balanced.

@Aeeshamoh: Mompha was drawn into reckless show off and competition with hushpuppi. Did he forget the country he was in?
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