Quit Notice for Mamman Daura and Family -By Yemi Adebowale

Mamman Daura and some members of his immediate family are holed up in an apartment called “House 8” in the Aso Rock Villa. He is neither an appointee nor member of President Buhari’s nuclear family. However, he was specially invited by the President to come and live in the Villa. Daura also believes he has every reason to live in the Villa with his family. Aside from being the President’s nephew, Daura has one of his sons and also his son-in-law as aides of the President. This man is the power behind the throne. Call him the head of the cabal running Nigeria and you would be right. So, he lives in the Villa and enjoys public funds. The powerful Daura has been eating from taxpayers’ money for over four years. Nigeria is evidently an interesting country.

Before Daura was moved to “House 8”, he was living much closer to Buhari in the “Glass house” in the Villa. He was forced to move a bit far away because of the need to house the then injured son of the President close to his mother. Now, retaining Daura in the Villa has become a big issue because one of his daughters (Fatima) dragged the President’s wife, Aisha Buhari in the mud over the movement to “House 8”. The video of the ‘fight’ circulated by Fatima was mischievous. The interview she further granted was ludicrous. For me, Daura and his girls have to leave the Villa. Aside from unfairly enjoying public fund, they have become a pest. The only honourable thing left for them to do is to quit the Villa regardless of whether President Buhari wants them to stay or not. Daura can continue running his show even from his village because he has his men all over the Presidency. In this battle with the Dauras, I stand with Aisha Buhari.
Quit Notice for Mamman Daura and Family -By Yemi Adebowale Quit Notice for Mamman Daura and Family -By Yemi Adebowale Reviewed by JNJ GLOBAL GIST on October 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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