Biafra Group Calls For Withdrawal Of Troops From East

A pro-Biafra agitation group, the Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from the Southeast, recall that the Nigerian Army had on November 1 launched another Army Operation code named “Operation Atilogwu Udo”, patterned in line with the Operation Python Dance, which generated controversy last year.

The national leader of BNYL, Princewill Chimex Richard said the group wondered why the Federal Government would militarize the East every year “whereas other sub-regions, especially in the north where bandits and terrorists are killing people on daily basis, are been ignored”.

The BNYL Leader accused the Military of extorting money from civilians on highways, frustrating travellers and motorists who fail to give them money, he thus reminded the government of the crisis that emanated from Python Dance 1 & 2 could repeat itself if for any reason the purpose of Atilogwu Udo is to haunt Biafra supporters.

He said “this government does not want peace, it is wrong to militarize a region that is violence-free, if the purpose of doing this is to put fear in us, then they have failed, because before we embarked on this struggle we have signed our death warrant with the creator, nothing can frighten us again, but I assure them that they will fail in their bid to stop us”.

We are only considering the advice of our advice, not that we cannot adopt the Southern Cameroon style of agitation since we may not want another war.
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