Kogi Guber: Nigerians react to video of El-Rufai begging to re-elect Yahaya Bello

A cross section of Nigerians have reacted to the public apology and kneeling by the Kaduna State Governor and Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, campaign council Nasir El-Rufai, in Kogi State.

JNJGLOBALGIST.COM reports that El-Rufai was down on his kneels at the All Progressives Congress, APC, mega rally in Lokoja, on Thursday, begging the people of the State to forgive Governor Yahaya Bello of whatever wrong he had done and vote him back to power.

El-Rufai had said, “Many people say Yahaya Bello is young and that he has fought many people. For every one that the governor has offended, I am asking all of you to forgive him. He is young, he is supposed to make mistakes.

“When you are young, you make mistakes, but you are supposed to learn from him. On his behalf, I am kneeling down to beg all of you to forgive Yahaya Bello if he has offended you.”

El-rufai’s action and statement have since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Here are some reactions gathered by JNJGLOBALGIST.COM from Twitter:

@Okutepa “When I watched Nasir El-Rufai kneeling down begging kogi people to forgive Yahaya Bello for failure of governance, I came to the conclusion that Nigerian politicians can take us for granted. Bello is young and he is bound to make mistakes he said. Mistakes I laughed. Mistakes?

@Omogbajabiamila “Same way APC begged Oyo people to forgive Ajimobi is the same way they’re begging Kogi people to forgive Yahaya Bello.Begging electorates after years of constant failure is quite instructive.Governance by pity!

@Oma_Igala “Kaduna state Governor has admitted that yahaya bello did not perform, that kogi people should forgive him, that he will do better at the second term to me he has accepted defeat already.”

@Cj_mbaka “While everyone is calling on Kogi people to forgive Yahaya Bello for not paying salaries, can we take a moment to ask them what happened to the money meant for the payment? Isn’t this the kind of criminal offence that should deserve death by hanging?

@Integrity56 “They are begging Kogi people to allow Yahaya Bello to continue to owe them salaries and keep them in abject poverty.The devil himself must be amazed by the level of wickedness of humans against each other.”

@Stivenchy “Wicked people. I watched as Oshiomole was sweating while using all his energy to deceive people in the state. If I live in Kogi,I won’t vote APC. I’ll also use everything I have to campaign against the incumbent. It is gonna be in retaliation to what is happening in Aso rock.”

@BOgbadamosi “At least pay the bloody salaries first, every last outstanding kobo. What is all this shitty begging for, after starving an entire state for 36 months? These people are spawns of the devil.”

@Ebitu_Promise “El-Rufai kneeling before Kogi people to plead for forgiveness on Yahaya Bello’s behalf is the scam of the highest level.In the first place what was Yahaya Bello’s offense? This is another political trick to lure the people into another 4yrs of slavery. Be wise Kogi!

@Yemiefash “Kaduna State Governor, El-rufay today knelt down to beg the people of kogi State to forgive Yahaya Bello for his wrong doings. They know he failed but want to reinforce failure. Why?

@Oisamojemaria “Rubbish. If he is too young, let him go back to school. Governance is not child’s play. You can’t subject people ‘s future to the misrule of immature , delinquent child like Yahaya Bello.”

@Dan_atim1 “This is a clear statement that Yahaya Bello is a colossal failure. if voted for a second term his performance will be worst. ”

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