Pastors In Ebonyi Accuse Christ Embassy Clergy Of Corruption, High-Handedness

…They are fake ‘Pastors’, have no Church to pastor – Divine Mandate Pastors

The Concerned Members of Divine Mandate Pastors Forum have accused the Pastor of Christ Embassy Church Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Pastor Eunice Oyeyemi, of leadership imposition, corruption, amongst others.

The Pastor, who is the Coordinator of the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum in the state, our Correspondent gathered, had been at loggerhead with the factional ‘pastors’, who alleged that the Coordinator planted her cronies into the Forum to oust those she felt might be genuinely questioning her handling of the group.

The factional group, in a statement signed by its Chairman, Rev. Ifeanyi Igwe and Secretary, ‘Pastor’ Ernest Anayo, accused the Coordinator of the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum of suffocating the true vusions of the group and preparing the ground for ‘spiritual revolution’ and all manner of evil in the land.

The factional Pastors, in the statement, claimed that the leadership of the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum, had not only digressed from the Biblical injuction of leadership, but saw it as a way of enriching themselves, adding that the allegation on the Pastor bothered on imposition of leadership, corruption, injustice, lack of transparency and accountability.

According to them, “What you see now in Divine Mandate Pastors Forum can best be described as the activities of the Pharisees. It has become a total shadow of what it used to be before the leadership imposition. Our ordeal started in 2017, when Pastor Eunice Oyeyemi came and hijacked the group using the powers that be in the state.

“After she succeeded in hijacking the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum, she brought her Pastors from Christ Embassy and some members of the forum, who supported her to come in , whom she ordained as State Working members and charged to defend and protect her every now and then.

“The truth is that the so called empowerment of over 2,500 Pastors in Ebonyi State, was a sham. Two thousand five hundred persons (Pastors) were supposed to be beneficiaries of the scheme, but those who benefited were not up to one thousand five persons. Morever, the agents of Pastor Oyeyemi also perpetrated their evil act in the empowerment by adding fictitious names to the list to enrich themselves.

Meanwhile, members of the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum and pastors in the state, on Tuesday, described as baseless and unfounded the allegation, adding that the factuonal group’s leader, Ifeanyi Igwe, had disappointed those, that had hitherto looked up to him as a leader. They added that he was suspended by the general members of the Forum owing to gross misconduct.

The Divine Mandate Pastors, stated this during a press conference, saying that both Reverend Igwe and ‘Pastor’ Anayo, had no Church where they pastor, hence their non-qualification to be members of the group.

According to them, “We are aware that the Igwe is not a bonafide member of Divine member of the Forum and we, the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum, make bold to say that the allegations are baseless and so, called Reverend Ifeanyi Igwe is never an ordained minister of the Gospel and does not have a Church he can be traced to. His accomplice, Mr Ernest Anayo, was suspended from the Divine Mandate Pastors Forum because he was found not to be a Pastor in Salvation Ministries as claimed by him, which the evidence of his exemption was sent to the body via his the State Pastor of Salvation Ministries in the state.”

Speaking with journalists earlier, Pastor Oyeyedmi, said she had neither dreamt of leading the group nor being part of it, but only accepted to do so, on the instance of the governor, whom she said decided to empower the men of God.


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