Nigerians Praise Goodluck Jonathan, as President Buhari Remains Silent on Sowore's Re-Arrest

Yesterday the 5th of December was a historic day for justice in Nigeria, as a pro-democracy activist and former presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore was released from the custody of the Department for State Security in Nigeria, following the ruling of Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu at the Federal High court in Abuja.

The news of his release sparked celebration across social media and for a moment, re-affirmed the trust Nigerians had for its Judiciary.

But all this was short-lived as the following day; he was forcefully removed from the court and placed under arrest by the same DSS.

The videos circulating on social media shows a chaotic scene involving men alleged to be from the DSS struggling with supporters and legal counsel team of the accused at the Abuja high court, where his case was being heard.

Unconfirmed reports have accused agents of the DSS of threatening his supporters with guns, before making off with him. Some reports also say that the presiding judge was chased away from the court by the DSS.

An incident which has sparked outrage among Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliations, sighting that no security agency in the country should be allowed to disregard the rule of law, no matter the circumstances. Many have called for the president to intervene in the matter, as he is the head of the DSS, warning that this will be a stain on his legacy as the leader of the most populous black nation on earth.

Many notable Nigerians, including celebrities, have taken to social media to express support for Sowore and disgust at the actions of the DSS, calling its actions reckless and a blatant disregard for the justice system. All of this coming after over one hundred days of keeping the accused in detention unlawfully, after he was granted bail by the court on the 21st of October.

Up till the time of this piece being published, there had been no official statements from the presidency as regards the happenings at the Abuja high court. And this has prompted people to ask if what happened was sanctioned by the government of the highest office in the land.

It was also reported that there was an anti Sowore protest outside the court before he was taken by the DSS. And it is still unknown who organised the protests since no group or individuals have taken responsibility for it.

Speculations suggest that the people who were seen outside the court holding anti Sowore placards were hired thugs, who had little or no understanding of the situation at hand.

An interesting side to this unfortunate incident is some Nigerians took to social media to shower praises on former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his conduct while in office. Sighting that he would not have allowed such to happen during his time. I for one am not in line with such thoughts, as his administration also had its shortcomings.

But whatever side of the fence you are on, that’s if the fence still exists, we all should be very worried about the actions of the DSS. Because it seems like the agency has no regard for the justice system and is being used as personal enforcers of the present administration. The very thought of this has caused a lot of Nigerians to worry for their safety and see this as a prelude of what is to come if the anti-social media bill is passed into law.

Nigerians Praise Goodluck Jonathan, as President Buhari Remains Silent on Sowore's Re-Arrest Nigerians Praise Goodluck Jonathan, as President Buhari Remains Silent on Sowore's Re-Arrest Reviewed by JNJ GLOBAL GIST on December 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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