Soldiers order warring communities in Boki to surrender gun

The soldiers protecting lives and properties in Boje, Nsadop and Isobendeghe in Boki local government area of Cross River State have ordered the warring communities to surrender their guns to the police.

The soldiers also directed the people to leave in peace with each other, failure which they will attract the wrath of the military and other security agencies.

Speaking with journalists on Tuesday, the Chairman of Boje Community Development Association, Chief Charles Kembre said, “The Soldiers told us certain things we must do so that we can live in peace with each other. We have to surrender our guns to the police.

“We have to pull out our men from the forest which we have done and the third was that, the road that we have been using before but abandoned and closed because of the crisis, the soldiers ordered it reopened.

“That there should be no interference on the road by stopping anybody from using the road from Boje to Okunde, one of the developed centres in Boki, that road passes from Boje through Isobendeghe to Nsadop to other communities outside Boje ward,” Chief Kembre said.

Chief Kembre said that State Security Adviser in the Central Senatorial District, Ransom Odey has started demarcating the area using Google App, but it was delayed because of the crisis.

“He has marked out the boundary on phone. He was about to create a boundary wide enough like a road so that the communities can cross to another instead of putting a beackoned stone, which would soon be covered by grasses and trees since the area is in a forest.

“For sometimes now, Boje people have not been using that road, thinking that somebody could be kidnapped, killed, harassed, all that.”

Chief Kembre regretted that those kidnapped had not been found and their sudden disappearance led to the bloody crisis of last week.

He said that the State Commissioner of Police, Nkereuwem Akpan in a meeting with the three warring communities, “told us to maintain peace.

“For now, there is no fighting, though both sides are still afraid, there is no free movement along the road.”

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